What's new in Gantt Control 2.0

The Gantt Control component for Delphi adds a number of new functions and objects. Gantt Control can be even better adopted to your needs and requirements in version 2.0.

More detailed labels

Additional labels for gantt chart cells (Resource Labels)
Assign additional labels for several areas in the gantt chart. You can use these for example to display capacity information.

Label for gantt rows
Rows in the gantt chart can now be labeled. It is possible to define either a label per line, or a top and bottom label.

New bar types: TWGSShadowTaskBar and TWGSShadowProgressBar
The new non-interactive bar types TWGSShadowTaskBar and TWGSShadowProgressBar can be inserted and lie behind the normal Task Bar and Progress bars. You can use the new bar types for example to visualize a former project state and compare it with the current project state.

Higher adaptability

Taskbars can now be locked
Task bars can now be locked, in order to prevent any modification by the user.

The gantt chart can now be automatically filtered by its columns content.

Sliced task bars
Bar can now optionally be drawn so that they are suspended on non-working hours.

Row-dependent presentation of the calendar
For non-working periods, such as weekends, you can change row by row, the calendar-dependent representation.

Numerous other features

Drag'n'drop of tree rows.

A range of multiple rows can be selected by pressing [Shift] and left click.

An additional vertical date line can be inserted (GanttGraph.Table.DateLine2).

Summarybars can now be connected to each other.

It is possible now to hide gantt rows via the attribute GanttGraph.tree.Rows[].Hidden.

In addition to the global attributes addElements and deleteElements, the attribute modifyElements has been implemented, enable the gantt chart to prevent modification of the content.

New events allow the easier integration of the component into your delphi application (OnInvokeEditor, OnViewChanged, OnCustomDrawBar ...).

New methods, such as GanttGraph.ScrollInViewColumn(..), GanttGraph.EditTreeCell(..), TaskBar.BringToFront(..) has been implemented.

Numerous bugs have been fixed.

The source code of the component can be compiled for 64-bit platforms.

Available for Delphi6, Delphi7, Delphi2005, Delphi2006, Delphi2009, Delphi2010, Delphi XE, XE2, XE3, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8,
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