Activities of the pertgraph

Activities of the gantt chart can be visualized in a more abstract way as pert bars within the pert graph. For each activity, time specific requirements can be defined such as the earliest start date, the earliest finish date, the latest start date and the latest finish date.


Modelling structures

For modelling existing structures of a project, pert bars can also be used. Text can be added to pert bars within three different levels. Also an additional list can be added to a pert bar.


Within the pert chart the duration of a bar and its earliest start date, the earliest finish date, the latest finish date as well as the latest start date is visualized. Furthermore the pert chart enables structuring projects by modelling main project targets, sub-ordinate targets and work packages.

Properties and features:

  Activities of the pert chart can be connected to each other.
  Activities of a gantt chart and a pert can share an identical data source. This means that all activities that are created in the gantt chart are visualized automatically in the pert chart.
  Activities can be easily moved per drag&drop. New activities can be created by “dragged them in” with the mouse. A magnetically raster enables a clear arrangement of activities.
  All changes made to the data of the pert chart can be recreated by using the integrated undo/redo mechanism.