Presenting results

Use the printing preview for presenting the results of the ganttchart/pertchart. The layout can be adjusted in a flexible way to fit the users need.


The powerful printing preview provides the professional presentation of your charts and data.

Properties and features:

  A legend can be added to a gantt or pert chart. By adding and formatting columns and rows to the legend the user’s requirements are met. For each legend cell the content (text or image) can be specified.
  Multipage printing, fitting to pagewidth, defining a title, page header and footer, applying a background image allows high adaptability to fulfil specific requirements.
  Within the printing preview the layout of the page header and page footer can be defined interactively. Autotext fields like “current page number” or “date” can be inserted.
  Settings can be stored to a printing profile.
  Page borders can be adjusted with the mouse.
  A thumbnail view provides intuitive navigation between different pages.