Defining the table view

A gantt chart or a pert chart is linked to a table. The table view supports hierarchical structuring and single branches can be collapsed or expanded.


Entering data

For entering a huge amount of different data, there are cell editors for different data types e.g. (text-single line), text-multi line, date, time, combo box, image combo box, currency, spin edit and a text-button editor).


For each gantt chart and pert chart an editable table view is available, storing any additional necessary information.

Properties and features:

  The tree-like structure of the table nesting, collapsing and expanding single rows.
  User defined columns and rows can be added or deleted at runtime.
  For displaying and editing the information stored within the table a lot of different data type editors are supported e.g. (single line text editor, multi line text editor, date editor, time editor, combo box, image combo box, currency edit field, spin edit field and single line text editor linked to a button).
  By clicking the header of a column, an ascending or descending sort order can be applied.
  Within one nesting level, rows can be swapped per drag&drop. The row height can be changed independently and interactively for each row with the help of the mouse.
  Various options for formatting the table are available. For each row the height, the colour and the text font are applicable. Highlighting single rows is as easy as pie.
  All changes made to the data of the table chart can be recreated by using the integrated undo/redo mechanism.
  The predefined column “number” provides the two numbering modes hierarchically and continuously.